How To Get The Most Flattering Pair Of Jeans For YOUR Body

The most fantastic invention of mankind! The fabric solved all answers of clothing oneself with ease and class. It’s the most important and the most used garment in everyone’s closet but yet, finding the perfect one is a nightmare and a rare occurrence by chance as watching a falling star.


We treat our denim like our second skin. That’s how it should feel. Yet, sometimes, we’ll run into a skinny jean that’s too tight or a boyfriend style that’s too stretchy and loses its measured slouchiness. But everyone has that brand they swear by, a style they’ve been buying for years and just can’t quit. We can’t help but envy the individuals that have found their denim nirvana — as we embark on an epic quest to reach our own.

Finding the right fit boils down to intuition: that gut feeling you get when you’re standing in the dressing room, looking at your would-be match in the mirror. Are you comfortable? Do you think you look good? Do you feel good? If you’ve got a triple-yes on your hands, boom! It’s done. But there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind before you start the shopping process that can change the game entirely. So, we tapped the denim experts at Siwy, Industry Standard, and Mother Denim to share their know-how on getting that second-skin fit every time.


Pay Attention To The Positioning Of The Knee

Usually, the knee will be positioned 13 inches below the crotch, according to Taverniti. If you know your inseam (or have an estimate of how long your limbs are), you can more or less decipher where the knee of the jean will fall on your leg by scanning any measurements listed online.


Try A New Rise On For Size
Good jeans, according to Taverniti “give you some proportions,” enhancing and flattering your favorite features. There are many ways to achieve this. First, there’s knee positioning. Second, there’s rise: how high (or low) you go affects the overall proportion of your body, since it cuts into your torso.

Seriously, Check The Label

Seriously, Check The Label
A huge consideration for fit and comfort is the breakdown of the fabric. You need to ask yourself: What do you want out of your denim? Do you want it to be rigid or do you want some stretch? “Most of it comes down to the fabric, then you can just gauge by pulling on it,” Kaeding told us. At the end of the day, that physical contact will give you the best sense of how much the material will give, so you can know what to expect from your jeans by poring over all those numbers and percentages in the “Composition” tab of any product page.

Find Your Number

Find Your Number
Time to break out the measuring tape (you must have one lying around somewhere…). It’s that magic number that makes shopping for denim so much easier. How do you get to it exactly? Measure from where the seam starts at the crotch straight down to the ankle, according to the team at Siwy. If you want a slightly cropped fit, you can adjust the number proportionally. Then, take into account the estimated position of the knee on the jean, if you’re shopping remotely (approximately 13 inches from the crotch).

“Everything jeans


Find A New Style To Love
Denim will always be a staple in your wardrobe. Why not mix it up? We had our experts suggest different styles for specific leg proportions and shapes, according to comfort and fit. At the end of the day, pick whatever silhouette makes your heart sing. It never hurts to try something new.

“Everything else doesn’t matter as much as this does. Every other hack you use to find the perfect jeans won’t be of any use if the size isn’t right. Measuring is easy. All you need is a measuring tape and wrap it around the thinnest, the middle part of your waist and the fleshiest part of your hips. Those dimensions will give you a pretty good which size will fit you best.”


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